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Award Winning Customer Service

We take care of the customer!

At Tech-Syn our customer service is not just a department, it is an ideology that permeates the very culture of the company. Tech-Syn offers World Class suppliers, in-house product engineering support, customized procurement, and inventory management programs. We listen to our valued customers and deliver results that have won us numerous awards.

Engineering Support

Engineering support for our customers is a cornerstone of Tech-Syn’s core values. Our experience and knowledge of seals and seal design, along with our expertise with hose, tubing, fittings, and other specialty products allow Tech-Syn to offer solutions to the most demanding applications. Being an independent distributor allows Tech-Syn to be objective in how we look for solutions, yet when needed, we will partner with our industry leading suppliers to determine the optimal product for your application. When your application demands it, the partnership created between you, Tech-Syn, and our suppliers will get the job done.

Kits and Custom Packaging

Custom kitting and packaging is one of the core services we provide to our customers. Tech-Syn tailors kits to our customers’ specific requirements for packaging, sub-kitting, and labeling. Tech-Syn can custom package one part or multiple parts, from high run kits to one-off kits.

Inventory Management Programs

There is more to being an exceptional distributor than just buying, stocking, and shipping. Utilizing various inventory management systems is an added value Tech-Syn offers. Our customized internal designed software allows us to offer programs, designed around the customer’s needs, that aren’t “canned, one size fits all” solutions, such as:

  • On-Demand Releases
  • JIT Deliveries
  • Bin Stocking Programs

These programs add value to your business by:

  • Delivering parts to you on-time
  • Reducing inventories
  • Increasing inventory turns
  • Eliminating unforeseen part shortages
  • Eliminating or reducing your incoming inspection
  • Reducing the burden on Purchasing
  • Supply Chain Consolidation

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